Loop 18

“Up & Down Again”

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Loop 18 takes you North out of Whitehall on highway 53 for a short distance. Once you turn onto County Rd D you have a really nice ride into a wide valley where you see the Schaefer-Miles art gallery. Then you ride by some small areas of natural wetlands leading into your first ascent. Its a bit of a challenge but has several switchbacks to make the climb a little easier. At the top you turn Right onto County Rd O. There you ride the ridge for quite awhile leading into some very pretty countryside with your quintessential Trempealeau County dairy farms dotted among the numerous coulees. You drop down into the Pleasantville valley and get a nice view of the town. There is a least one bar in town if you need any refreshments. You now turn West onto County Rd E and ride through some relatively flat areas in one of the few East West corridors between the bluffs in the county. You turn South onto Witt Hill Rd after several miles. You now head up a relatively low bluff and ride through some very interesting topography. There are several ponds and some really cool valleys. You drop down into a small valley and then there is a very gentle uphill ride.The top of the bluff comes up on you rather unexpectedly and as you start to pick up speed and come around the last curve in the road it drops rather sharply downhill on a perfectly straight stretch of road which continues down at the bottom past gorgeous farms and a stunning view for nearly a mile before T intersecting onto North River Rd. Here you once again turn Left but this time you are headed East through a very flat piece of bottom ground running along side the Trempealeau River which brings you out to Highway 53 just North of the City of Whitehall.


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