Business NameAddressCityTelephoneWebsite
Trempealeau Hotel Restaurant and Saloon11332 Main StTrempealeau(608) 534-6898Trempealeau Hotel
Sullivan's Supper ClubW25709 Sullivan RdTrempealeau(608) 534-7775Sullivans Supper Club
Mrs. Sippy's23991 3rd St Ste 1Trempealeau(608) 534-5341
Pizza Corral11765 Main StTrempealeau(608) 534-5660Pizza Corral
Hungry Point LLC23797 Lake RdTrempealeau(608) 534-7771
Trempealeau Mountain Golf ClubW24411 Fairway LnTrempealeau(608) 534-7417Trempealeau Mountain Golf Club
Jailhouse SaloonN14077 Schubert RdCenterville(608) 539-5245
Stacy's Vet's Bar24425 3rd StTrempealeau(608) 534-5583
Skipper's Pizza LLC11765 Main StTrempealeau(608) 534-5656
Linda's Place11377 Main StTrempealeau(608) 534-5235
Toad's CoveW25128 State Road 54 35Trempealeau(608) 539-4324Toads Cove
Sand BarW25013 State Road 54 35Centerville(608) 539-3121
Centerville CafeW25128 State Road 35/54Centerville(608) 539-4324Centerville Cafe
Coffee Attic24010 3rd StTrempealeau(608) 534-5282
Beedle's Bar and RestaurantW24966 State Road 54 93Centerville(608) 539-2251Beedles Bar
Wason's Supper ClubW21282 State Road 54Galesville(608) 582-2763Wasons Supper Club
SUBWAY17462 N Main StGalesville(608) 582-2276Subway
Arctic Springs Supper ClubN18078 County Road TGalesville(608) 582-2672
Garden of Eatin'19847 E Gale AveGalesville(608) 582-4366
Big Als Too20244 W Mill RdGalesville(608) 582-3033Big Al's Too
Jackie O's Coffee House16846 S Davis StGalesville(608) 582-2669
Tom's Bar19849 E Gale AveGalesville(608) 582-2911
Duffy's16902 S Davis StGalesville(608) 582-4870
M C'sN14433 County Road MGalesville(608) 582-4401
Tamarack Bar LLCState Highway 93Galesville(608) 539-2763
Champions Riverside Resort Bar and GrillW16751 Pow Wow LnGalesville(608) 582-2995Champions Riverside Bar and Grill
Our Town Fresh Market17512 N Main StGalesville(608) 582-4994
SUBWAY300 W Main StArcadia(608) 323-7894Subway
Mc Donald's310 S Nelson DrArcadia(608) 323-3153McDonalds
Pizza Factory116 E Main StArcadia(608) 323-3636Pizza Factory
Arcadia Country Club340 Golf LnArcadia(608) 323-2460Arcadia Country Club
Dan's Bar107 Grant StArcadia(608) 323-7119
Detox Bar and Grill402 W Main StArcadia(608) 323-3139
Happy Panda615 Dettloff DrArcadia(608) 323-3800
Kozy Kitchen105 W Main StArcadia(608) 323-7455
La Tapapia125 W Main StArcadia(608) 323-2091
Uncle Sam's of Arcadia309 W Main StArcadia(608) 323-7872
Hideout116 Grant StArcadia(608) 323-3321
J R Sport220 W Main StArcadia(608) 323-3231
Red's Peanut Bar854 Jefferson StArcadia(608) 323-7136
Sportsman's Lounge101 W Main StArcadia(608) 323-2433
Riverside Bar and Grill116 E Main StArcadia(608) 323-3636Riverside Bar and Grill
Myer's Bakery113 W Main StArcadia(608) 323-7220
J and B's Pizza Cafe116 E Main StArcadia(608) 323-7779
Hansen's Hold Up Bar and GrillS2428 State Highway 95Arcadia(608) 323-7044Hansons Hold Up
Kwik Trip1625 E Main StArcadia(608) 323-8058Kwik Trip
Newcomb Valley TavernW22768 State Road 95Arcadia(608) 323-3515
Riverview Lanes634 W Main StArcadia(608) 323-7005
Ashley Homestore343 Dettloff DrArcadia(608) 323-6326Ashley Furniture Home Store
Wheeler's GrillN29626 N Creek RdArcadia(608) 323-8202
Beaches Corner TavernW14301 County Road CBeach Corners(608) 525-2006
Hillbilly Fun Grill and Saloon15793 W 1st StEttrick(608) 525-7171Hillbilly Saloon
Wieners Bar22795 S Main StEttrick(608) 525-7161
Corner Pub Tavern22833 N Main StEttrick(608) 525-4863
Coffee Cup Cafe22801 S Main StEttrick(608) 525-2865
Highwater Backyard Grill and BarN22676 Us Highway 53Ettrick(608) 525-7950
Lone Wolf Cafe22856 N Main StEttrick(608) 525-2227
Blair Haus Sports Bar and Grill107 W Broadway StBlair(608) 989-9007
Rainbow RestaurantN30798 Us Highway 53Blair(608) 989-2003
C J's Cafe116 Gilbert StBlair(608) 989-2010
Poor Richards Cafe106 Urberg StBlair(608) 989-2911
Hixton Blue Collar Cafe LLCW16505 Bahnub LnBlair(608) 989-2494Hixton Blue Collar Cafe
Petersen's Bar129 W Broadway StBlair(608) 989-2633
Heine's Sports Pub236 W Broadway StBlair(608) 989-9988
El Ranchero23798 Washington StIndependence(715) 985-2382
Jo Jo's Drive-In23419 Whitehall RdIndependence(715) 985-3072
Troys Gas and Grub LLC23150 Whitehall RdIndependence(715) 985-3058
La Hacienda Club Midway23251 Whitehall RdIndependence(715) 985-2212
Coffee Pot Cafe23716 Washington StIndependence(715) 985-3434
Elk Creek SteakhouseN40351 State Road 93Independence(715) 985-3304
East End Bar23631 Washington StIndependence(715) 985-3501
Zoo23648 Adams StIndependence(715) 985-2148
Welcome Bar23733 Washington StIndependence(715) 985-2216
Sylver's Bar23736 Washington StIndependence(715) 985-3711
SUBWAY36325 Main StWhitehall(715) 538-4484Subway
City Cafe36375 Main StWhitehall(715) 538-2209
Sweet Temptations36396 Main StWhitehall(715) 538-1526Sweet Temptations
Dodge Street Grill18475 Dodge StWhitehall(715) 538-1488
Rootbeer Stand36561 Main StWhitehall(715) 538-4813
S and M Bar and Grill63420 Main StWhitehall(715) 538-2566
Rick and Deb's Hangout36378 Abrams StWhitehall(715) 538-2091
Kwik Trip36281 Main StWhitehall(715) 538-2477Kwik Trip
Elk Creek SteakhouseN40351 State Road 93Elk Creek(715) 985-3304
Norske Nook Bakery13804 7th StOsseo(715) 597-3069Norske Nook
Moe's Diner12701 10th StOsseo(715) 597-3912
SUBWAY12936 10th StOsseo(715) 597-2796Subway
Hardee's12613 10th StOsseo(715) 597-2533Hardees
Mc Donald's50656 Radcliff StOsseo(715) 597-3995McDonalds
Taco John's12910 Cox LnOsseo(715) 597-6819Taco Johns
Dairy Queen12637 10th StOsseo(715) 597-2820Dairy Queen
Elderberry Restaurant12613 Gunderson RdOsseo(715) 597-2353
Pammy K's Cafe and Catering26126 W Mondovi StEleva(715) 287-3226
Checkered Flag Bar and Grill50647 N Main StEleva(715) 287-4140
Flyin' Ryan's50647 N Main StEleva(715) 287-4140
Full House Bar and Grill50574 S Main StEleva(715) 287-4680
Tasty Good Pizza50566 S Main StEleva(715) 287-2797
Coffee CupS15340 Oak RdEleva(715) 695-3132
Family Farms Market50684 Main St NEleva(715) 287-3332Family Farm Market
Saint's Levis LodgeE4465 Spruce RdEleva(715) 597-3006
Buzzy's Pizza EmporiumN51123 William RdStrum(715) 695-3246
Viking Golf Course/Chip Shots828 Balsam StStrum(715) 695-3306
M and M Bar113 5th Ave SStrum(715) 695-3235
Village Inn TavernN20518 County Road GDodge(608) 539-3269
SafeHouse River Rat OutfittersN20281 County Road JDodge(608) 539-4001