“Northern Edge of the Driftless”

A beautiful and challenging Loop created for us by our friends at the Dancing Yarrow Retreat & Farm to Fork restaurant. This is our first Loop that interconnects with a major city in Buffalo County, Mondovi with the city of Eleva in Trempealeau County. Both communities have a choice of food options and both have a gas station and convenience store. Mondovi has lodging available. Campsites are available in Modovi and in the nearby Villiage of Strum. There are some pretty tough hills on this loop and some absolutely amazing views. This is a real bridge builder loop for our trail system opening our way to the Mississippi River through Buffalo County. Buffalo County bluffs are, generally, much larger than the Trempealeau County bluffs. With much broader tops and steeper climbs they can be quite challenging even for those people who are more accustomed to riding in the Driftless Area.